Ëlafur Ingˇlfsson

Professor of glacial and Quaternary Geology
University of Iceland
Department of Geology and Geography and
Institute of Earth Sciences

Askja, room 232
═s-101 ReykjavÝk, Iceland
Phone: (+354) 5254667; e-mail: oi@hi.is
mobile phone: (+354) 6630916


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Antarctica glacial history
Svalbard Geology
Icelandic glaciers
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Climate in Iceland
Utanlandsferd 2005
Utanlandsferd 2007
Geology of Thingvellir
Saga lifs og lands
Lagarfljot Project
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Ritgerdir nemenda



I am a Quaternary geologist, with research interests in Late Quaternary glacial and climatic history. The focus of Quaternary geology is environmental change during the current geological period, starting about 2 million years ago. The Quaternary Period has been characterized by repeated large-scale glaciations - and although the last major glaciation ended 10.000 years ago, more will surely come in the future. My main research interests are glacial and climatic developments in the polar regions and Iceland, as well as processes of glacial erosion and deposition. I have spent many months on fieldwork over the years on Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, Western Siberia and in Antarctica. I have been somewhat of a mercenary of science, and spent in all 19 years working in Sweden, at the excellent universities of Lund and Gothenburg. I was also professor of geology for three years at the University Centre on Svalbard, UNIS. I have been a full-time professor of glacial and Quaternary geology at University of Iceland since 2003, where I divide my professional time between teaching, supervising and doing research. For those who do not know it, geology is not only interesting and relevant for the society, but also great fun! Studying geology is a fantastic journey on ancient trails through the history of Earth. I hope this home page can relay some of that feeling to you!

Icelandic glaciers and climate

Geology of Antarctica and Svalbard


Icelandic glaciers


Climate in Iceland


Glacial geologist in the Kalahari desert

Photos from a field trip to South Africa, April 2007


Photo Gallery

Recent and current research projects

Visit the online photo gallery, with photos from field sites and travels in the polar regions, glacial sediments and landscapes, wildlife and more...

Siberian photo gallery!! Have a look!

Svalbard wildlife gallery!! Have a look!

A page on the geology and tectonics of Ůingvellir!! Have a look!

New: A page with Svalbard movies! Have a look!


This web page gets Internet Award!

Folda, the Association of Graduate Students in Geology and Geography, selected my web page for the 2006 Internet award. The award is given to a member of faculty for maintaining an informative and interesting web side. I am both humbled by and grateful for this recognition.

The Br˙arj÷kull Project

A study of the sedimentary environments of a surging glacier

The Lagarfljˇt Project

Vatnaj÷kull meltwater discharge variability - an unexplored Holocene climate sensor in the Nordic Sea Region

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