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Photos of friends and collegues

Here I have collected some photos of my friends and collegues. There are many fringe benefits to doing fieldwork from remote camp sites. For one thing, you get to know a lot of interesting and entertaining people. The purpose of publishing these photos to the web is not to embarrass anybody, but to reflect the spirit of fieldwork...

Field team in Brandy Bay, Antarctica. From left: Christian Hjort, Per Moller, Olafur Ingolfsson, Svante Bjorck, Juan and Ole Humlum. 1993.

Jon Landvik on Svalbard, 1998.

Jan Lundqvist on Greenland, 1996.

Mats Rundgren and Svante Björck in the kitchen tent, Lake Boksehandsken, 1990.

In the field on Kongsoya, Svalbard, 1993.

Ole Humlum and Povl Frich, campsite in Disko Fjord, W Greenland. 1897.

Steve Forman and Torbjorn Andersson in a soilpit, Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard, 1996.

With Juan Manuel Lirio, in front of the Kapp Koburg hut, Kongsoya, Svalbard, 1993.

Thule Airtbase greets visitors during the cold war. 1986.

Svante Bjorck taking a bath in Antarctica, 1993.

In the Kapp Koburg hut, Kongsoya, Svalbard. 1991.

Carita Knudsen, Bruarjokull field camp, 2004.

Jan Mangerud and another old polar bear, Barentsburg Museum, Svalbard, 2002.

Kurt Kjaer, Indiana Jones of the North. Bruarjokull field camp, 2004.

Per Moller, after a windy day in the sections. Bruarjokull, 2004.

Sofia, Gaute, Jorn and Barbara, coring lakes on Svalbard, 2002.

Hanna Lokrantz with an Eemian (?) narwhale tusk. Severnaya Zemlya, 2002.

Icelandic cowboy, Severnaya Zemlya, 2002. Photo: David Lubinski.

Per Moller and an Argentinean priest in a Hercules transport plane on way to Antarctica. 1993.

A sunburnt (and tired) Chrsitian Hjort. Antarctica, 2000.

Field group at Marresale Polar Station, Yamal, Siberia, 1997.

Christian under attack from an angry Skua, Antarctica, 1987.

Thorleifur Einarsson with students. 1978.

The first SWEDARP team ever: Me, Christian Hjort, Wibjorn Karlen and Rolf Zaale. 1987.

Louise Hansen on Svalbard. 1998.

Steve Forman in a soilpit on Svalbard. 1993.

Svante Bjorck and Haflidi Haflidason sampling a core. 1990.

First time on Svalbard: Erik Lagerlund, Halldor Petursson, Dan Hammalund, Karin Eriksson, and me. 1984.

Sigurdur Thorarinsson (with red hat) instructing students. 1977.

Rolf Zale feeding a Great Skua in Antarctica. 1987.

Basecamp in Diskofjord. 1987.

Sveinn Jakobsson and Bjarni Kristjansson digging the Surtsey hut out of mudflows. 1979.

A wet and miserable Svante Bjorck, after a week of heavy rains. Greenland, 1990.

Alex Wolfe and Al Werner on Svalbard. 2004.

Antarctica in sight! With Wibjorn Karlen and Rolf Zale on Polarstern. 1987.

Björn Berglund explaining the Holocene as expressed in a peatland sediment core. 2004.

David Marchant and a dancing partner. Dry Valleys, Antarctica, Thanksgiving party. 1994.

Finnbogi Rögnvaldsson and the LARGE Icelandic flag on the Kapp Koburg hut. Svalbard, 1991.

First SWEDARP team ever to Antarctica: Me, Christian Hjort, Wibjörn Karlen and Rolf Zale. 1987.

First time on a Greenland glacier. Disko Island, 1984.

Happy 1st year students in geology. 1977.

Joachim Donner and Jan Lundqvist. Sweden 2004.

Johannes Kruger and Povl Frich cleaning boots. Greenland 1984.

Lena Adrielson. Sweden 2004.

Mats Rundgren. 2004.

Mike Benley. Utopia Glacier, Antarctica, 2000.

Mike Prentice, Explorers Cove, Antarctica. 1994.

Miko Punkari, Thule, Greenland, 1986.

Nils Axel Mörner sampling a core. Antarctica, 1989.

Ole Humlum with group in the field. Disko, Greenland, 1984.

Per Möller and Kurt Kjær, Sweden 2004.

Steve Forman, with a whale disk vertibrae, The Seven Islands, Svalbard, 1996.

Svante Björck and Juan Lirio setting up basecamp, Antarctica, 1993.

Svante Björck and Per Möller at Constable Pynt, Greenland. 1990.

Two polar dogs. The one above answers to the name Jon Landvik. Greenland, 1990.

With Francesco Herve, a Chilean friend, in Hope Bay, Antarctica. 1987.

"The Lakebusters" (Sofia, Gaute, Jörn and Barbara), Bröggerhalvöya, 2002.

Jörn digging out the skidoos after a blizzard. Ny Alesund, Svalbard, 2002.

Jürgen Mienert and Hans Petter Sejrup, in Longyearbyen 2006.

Nalan Koc and Ann Jennings, in Longyearbyen 2006.

I and Tore Vorren, Longyearbyen 2006.

Gary Nichols, Longyearbyen 2006.

The three Danish Grand Dames of Quaternary marine geology: Tove , Tine and Dorthe. Longyearbyen 2006.

Anders Solheim, making a point. Longyearbyen 2006.

Inga Svala in the field, Svalbard 2006.

Gudrun Larsen studying tephra stratigraphy. Southern Iceland 2005.

Eiliv Larsen in Kringilsarrani, 2005.

Our ever virgilant field assistant, Jon Björn, with a new hat. Kringilsárrani 2005.

Johannes Krüger in Kringislárrani 2006.

Lunchbreak in lee from the catabatic wind from Brúarjökull: Eiliv, Silvana and Kurt. 2005.

Svante Björck resting with Tetris. Brúaröræfi 2005.

Anders and Ivar sorting out the geo-radar. Kringilsárrani 2005.

Jon Björn with a catch of Lepidurus arcticus, a freshwater arthropod. Kringilsárrani 2005.

Our happy field assistant, Silvana. Kringilsárrani 2005.

Leifur Símonarson. studying fossils in Faxe Stenbrud. 2005.

Leifur and Fridgeir studying fossils, Faxe Stenbrud. 2005.