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The Eyjabakkajökull Project

(Under construction - for more information visit the homepage of Ivar Örn Benediktsson at http://www.hi.is/~iob2/ )

Eyjabakkajökull, seen from the top of the 1972 surge moraines. Photo: Ó. Ingólfsson, 2006.

Dead ice with crevasse fills where a medial moraine melts out of the ice front. Photo: Ó. Ingólfsson, 2006.

Eyjabakkajökull is an outlet glacier of the Vatnajökull ice cap in south-eastern Iceland.


A natural-color Landsat 7 image showing Iceland's Eyjabakkajökull glacier in 2000. The blue outlines indicate where the glacier was in 1991 and 1973. From: http://landsat.gsfc.nasa.gov/images/archive/f0004.html


View towards North across the 1890 surge moraines. Mt Snæfell in clouds to the left. Photo: Ó. Ingólfsson, 2006.

A section through the 1890 thrusted and stacked surge moraine. Photo: Ó. Ingólfsson, 2006.


The 1938 surge moraines, seen from the 1890 moraines. Eyjabakkajökull and the 1972 surge moraines to the right in the background. Photo: Ó. Ingólfsson, 2006.