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Svalbard Movies

Below you find links to a number of brief movies from Svalbard, that convey some of the landscapes and spirit of fieldwork. The movies were shot by Jørn Dybdal, Mathias Forwick, Ólafur Ingólfsson and a remote digital camera located at Skardtjørna. Feel free to download and use the movies for educational purposes only. To watch the movies, click on the text below photos.

Coring lakes on Svalbard (left); making landfall in Blomsterhamna (middle); Carboniferous strata in Billefjorden (right).

Kronebreen grounded ice front (left); dirty iceberg in Kongsfjorden (middle); Prins Karls Forland in midnight sun (right).

Beluga whale off Skilvika (left); UNIS students doing "fieldwork" in the rain (middle); One year at Skardtjørna (right).