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   Phonetics 1 - Assignment 1

The deadline for submission of this assignment is midnight on Wednesday 15 October.
You may submit by email to me at,
or hand in a printed OR hand-written copy at the reception desk in Gimli
OR in my pigeon-hole in Nýi garður.

Here is your assignment:

  1. Chose any pasage of modern English. It may be from a newspaper,
    journal, magazine, novel, poem, etc.
  2. Write out the first 50 words of your passage in a column down the page.
  3. Beside the word, give the KEYWORD for the vowel in each syllable,
    and the VOWEL SYMBOL. Use the keywords given in
    Phonetic Symbols (there is also a link on the Phonetics Front Page).


Meg   DRESS  
liked    PRICE  
the    SCHWA  
climate   PRICE, SCHWA  
in   KIT 

Tip: you will need a pronunciation dictionary for this exercise. BUT -
try to work out for yourself the answer before you go to the dictionary!

Before doing this assignment, carefully read the Guidelines.
(There is also a link to Guidlines at the top of
the assignments column on the schedule.)

PK 8-10-2008
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