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   Phonetics 1 - Assignment 3

The deadline for this assignment is 19 November, before class in the 12th week.
You may return it by email to me at, or as a print-out or handwritten answer, at the service desk in Gimli, in my pigeon-hole  in Nyi garður, or at the beginning of the class on 19 November.  You may also send by post (postal date counts)
to: Pétur Knútsson, Nýja garði, Háskóli Íslands, 101 Reukjavík.

There is one question in this assignment.

Choose a passage of modern English from a novel, newspaper or magazine. Take the first 50 words, and then go on to the end of the sentence. Remember to include all the words in the passage, including the small words, but you should not count the proper names, which may be difficult to transcribe. Paste or copy the passage, or include a photocopy. Then follow these instructions:

  1. TRANSCRIBE the passage into RP or GA, saying which. Remember to use a dictionary.
  2. In your transcription, show sentence stresses by putting the stress mark in front of the stressed syllable.
  3. Transcribe the weak forms of unstressed words.

Your transcription will look something like this:

The Riders gazed up at Théoden like men startled out of a dream. Harsh
as an old raven’s their master’s voice sounded in their ears after the music
of Saruman. (- and so on for 50 words)

Note: You will probably make mistakes in your placement of stress-marks
and in your transcriptions of weak forms. For instance, you may transcribe
the strong forms of words such as "as",  "of" and "have" -
( instead of ,, instead of  , instead of ),
although I asked for the weak forms.  Please note that I shall not count these as
mistakes in this assignment,
 but you will be expected not to make the same mistakes
in Assignment 4.

updated to 16.11.2008.