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   Phonetics 1 - Exercise 4

1    British and American vowels

For each of the following words, give the phonemic symbol for the underlined vowel..
- if the word has the SAME VOWEL in RP and GA, give only one vowel;
- if the word had DIFFERENT vowels in RP and GA, give first the RP, and then the GA, vowel.

Use a dictionary such as Wells's Longman Pronunciation Dictionary which gives both British and American pronunciations.

demand faction gas Paris nature father grass park
exact ask many dance parent calm top ton Bush choose walk
work forest hollow new possible passable

2    Phonemes

If you listen carefully, you will hear that the l-sound in clam and the l-sound in glamour are pronouced differently -
and yet dictionaries do not show this difference. Why do they not show it?

Look up the words code and cold in Longman's Pronunciation Dictionary and explain the use of the arrow
in cold.

What is they name we have given for variations in the l and o in these words?

3    Vowel length

Put the follwing words into three groups, according to their underlined vowels:

Group 1: short lax vowels
Group 2: long unclipped tense vowels (including diphthongs)
Group 3: clipped (or shortened) tense vowels (including diphthongs)

special come road same prize price green
third work cabbage fate many seek flute
blue blood shout bread bead break stand