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   Phonetics 1 - Exercise 8

1    Give the PAST TENSE ENDINGS of the following verbs (written -ed).
    Beside each word you should write one of the following:

,, or (remember that can also stand for )
Example: try - you write (for "tried")

trick love state stop judge free want attack
hand rob salvage mend pass stretch

2   Explain the difference between fricatives and approximants. What do we mean by turbulent and laminar flow?


(a) Explain the difference betwen rhotic and non-rhotic accents. You should try to answer this question without refering to the spelling of the words (since spelling comes after the fact!).  Assume you are talking about the speech of children or illiterate people.Your answer should include the following:

(b) In non-rhotic accents, the sound /r/ can appear and disappear again in a word (so-called "linking R"). Describe exactly under what conditions (in what phonetic environments) this happens.

(c) Explain "intrusive R". This time, you may refer to the spelling!
Is intrusive R wrong in any way? Why is it said to be wrong?

In all your answers, (a) (b) and (c), GIVE EXAMPLES of words to explain your points. Do not give the same examples that I give.

Remember that I give no credit for copying and pasting. Rephrase in your own words, to show me that you understand the question