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Fancy dances  

How do you pronounce these words?
abbey aft after aghast ant ask askance ass back badge banana banner bask basket Basque bastard batch bath blasphemy blast branch brass cab calf can't cancel cant cask casket cast castle cat chaff chance circumstantial clasp class Cleopatra contrast corral craft daft dance dash demand disaster disastrous drastic draught elastic exasperate expand fancy fast fasten finance flask gas gasp ghastly Glasgow glass graft grant graph grasp grass gymnastic half halve ham hand have Iraq jazz lapse last laugh laughter lax mad man mask masque mass mast master masturbate math(s) morale nasty panda pass passage past pastoral path plaster plastic raft rafter rag random rant rascal raspberry rather romance sample shaft Shaftesbury shan't slander Slav staff stance substantial Sudan tap task tassel thank transfer transform transit transport vast
The chances are that you have the same vowel - usually TRAP - in all these words. This is the way they are pronounced in the Midlands, the North of England and most of the United States.

In the South of England, and in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, some of these words have a"broader" pronunciation - we call them BATH words, and instead of they have .

SO FANCY DANCES is pronounced in RP but
in GenAm.

IF YOU WANT AN RP or other Southern English accent, you'll have to check all these words : which are TRAP words () and which are BATH (=PALM, ) ? - Here are the answers.

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