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   05 15 02 Phonetics I
Pétur Knútsson

This is a complete list of the files in my Topics folder.
They are not all used in this course, and some of them are
incomplete or beta versions. The links to them
on the schedule are usually not opened until that stage in
the course is reached. This list is for reference only.

AmPhonol.html    VowelsTense.html notyet.html
Amvowels.html    VowelsTenseSnd.html phlist.html
AmvowelsQ.html VowelsTenseW.html phonemes.html
AmvowelsSnd.html approx.html phonemesW.html
AmvowelsSum.html asp_preasp.html plos.html
AmvowelsSumSnd.html bath.html r.html
ConsIntro.html bathAnswers.html rhoticism.html
ConsManner.html centrinddiphthNew.html rlinking.html
ConsPlace.html centringSpelling.htm rpga.html
ConsVoicing.html dialacc.html sentencestress.html
ConsVoicingW.html edes.html sentstrIsochr.html
Iceterms.html examtrans.html sentstrPlacement.html
Spelling.html fortlen.html sibilants.html
StrutLot.html fric.html stress1.html
StrutLotAns.html index2.html syllcons.html
VowelLength0.html indexq.html sz.html
VowelSpace.html jw.html tjdj.html
VowelSpaceEx.html jwrglides.html vowelfreq.html
VowelsDiphth.html l1l2.html weakforms.html
VowelsLax.html laterals.html weaksLookup.html
VowelsLaxSnd.html lrjwUnvoicing.html weakstrong.html
VowelsLaxW.html nasals.html wh.html