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   05 15 11 Ensk málsaga - History of English
Course Schedule, Spring 2007

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I expect you to read the chapters in Baugh thoroughly before the beginning of each leacture.





Week 1 15 Jan Language Change
How do languages change?
What makes them change?
1 Video1     Video 2
        Potted history
Language change
Week 2 22 Jan Indo-European
Early Germanic

 -Lecture cancelled -

Week 3 29 Jan Indo-European & Early Germanic
The Anglo-Saxons & Old English
3 video 1    video 2
      Indo-European stops
Dan Short's Indo-European tree
Synthetic and analytic
  Synthetic vs analytic   
  How does language change?
Week 4 5 Feb Old English:
early foreign influences
4 video 1    video 2
      The Neogrammarians
Old English Lord's Prayer
Cathy Ball's Old English site
Old English writing
Try Googling - check out "English declension "  in Wikipedia for instance !
  The neogrammarians   
  Indo-European languages today
Old English Lord's Prayer
Week 5 12 Feb The Nordic Invasins 4 video 1   video 2
      Where do English words come from?
  Weak and strong Adjectives
 Old English Cases
  Indo-European to Germanic
Where do English words come from?
The Norse invasions
Week 6 19 Feb

The Normans: early French loans

5 video 1  (screen recording)
video 2  (the video crashed, but this is a recording of the same material from last year's course)
      Essential dates
Differences between OE and ON
OE/ON endings    OE/ON pronoun
Loss of 'standard' Old English
  Old English and Norse verbs
Transiition: OE to Middle English
Week 7 26 Feb

Study Week (no formal class)WORKSHOP 1 - answers
WORKSHOP 2 - answers
Remember the texts: you should have covered the first FOUR by now


Here's a link to Douglas Harper’s webpage, Etymonline  at

Week 8 5 Mar French or English? 6 video 1  (the video failed again. This is a recording of some of the same material from last year.)
video 2  (screen recording)
    French in England
Middle English: changes from OE
  The French in England
Changes in spelling - Ol to Middle English
Week 9 12 Mar Middle English 7 video 1    video 2
    Middle English Dialects
texts: Robert of Gloucester and John Trevisa. See texts
  Continuity of English
Middle English Dialects
Some Middle English Texts
Week 10 19 Mar Later French Loans
Early and late Latin loans
8 the Great Vowel Shift
Class assignment (20%)
(Due date 16 Apr).
Grades for class assignment
Latin loans
Week 11 26 Mar From ME to Early Modern English   video 1  - Term assignment 
video 2  - Great Vowel Shift
    the Great Vowel Shift   Slide on term assignment
Great Vowel Shift
Week 12 2 Apr Early Modern English. 9 video 1    video 2
        Later changes: pronunciation
Later changes: structure

Week 13 16 Apr
Standardization and prescription
Preview of examination
  video 1    video 2
    Class assignment due Tues 17 Apr at 6 o'clock
DL students: last posting date for  this assignment is midnight Tues 17 Apr.

Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to grant extensions.
GRADES for 20% assignment
  Notes on class assignment
Stratification of vocabulary
Standardization and Prescription
Notes on exam

Final list of study questions:




* Main text: Albert C Baugh and Thomas Cable: A History of the English Language. Routledge.

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