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   ENS 207 G Enskar mállýskur - English Dialects
Special Summer Course 2009
Pétur Knútsson

This is a self-study course (without teaching) offered this summer only.You may address enquiries to peturk at, but since this is NOT a taught course it may be some time before I can reply, and I may not be able to offer full assistance.

This course will look at accent variation in the BritishI Isles, English accents in America (U.S. and Canada) and the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), and include an overview of African, Indian and Asian varieties of English.

Videos and slides

Our basic text for this course (and the only one you need to buy) is Melchers, Gunnel, and Philip Shaw: World Englishes. Arnold 2003
I shall also be referring extensively to the following texts, amongst others:

Assessment:   Final paper (no examination)

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