Pétur Knútsson
ENS 301 G    B.A. Essay

Before contacting me you should read the Reglur og leiðbeiningar um BA verkefni.

Need ideas for you B.A. essay? Here are some from me ...

Useful links

IMPORTANT: It is now mandatory to submit an electronic version of your thesis, as well as the required printed copies.
For information in English on this, see http://landsbokasafn.is/index.php/english/targets/students/submission-of-theses
The Icelandic version is at  http://landsbokasafn.is/uploads/eydublod/Leidbeiningar_Skemman_V09.pdf
These submissions are kept at the University Library.
If you can't read Icelandic, I'll go through these rules with you at our first meeting.

Here is your time-plan. We must keep to it.  The main reason for this is that the busiest time for the teacher is the end of the term. It's also the time where most students expect the most attention from their supervisors. Sadly, it's also the time they can't get it.

Failure to keep to this schedule usually means that the BA essay is not submitted until the following term.
Please note however that the dates may change from year to year. Keep your eye on the official University calendar.


Autumn Term

Summer Term

Spring Term

1 Topic discussed and decided by

20 Sep

20 May

20 Jan

2 Preliminary outline: 1-2 pages

30 Sep

30 May

30 Jan

3* First submission - at least 5 pages

20 Oct

10 July

20 Feb

4 First draft on my desk (not necessarily complete)

10 Nov

10 Aug

10 March

5 revised complete drafts submitted




6 Final draft

10 Dec

1 Sept

10 Apr

7 Final changes




8 Four bound copies

20 Jan

10 Sept

10 May

9 Supervisor submits grade by:

31 Jan

3 Oct

2 May

* Note that no. 3 is essential. I want to see how you are writing, and this first submission should be in your best English. If your written English is not up to BA standard, then you need further study before you can finish your BA essay. This is not something you want to find out any later.

How do I plan my BA essay?

We will be discussing this during the initial stages of supervision, First, look at these links to Birna's 2007 slides on the BA essay: 

BA Thesis I    Ba Thesis II

Various useful links

Pétur's guide to documentation and how to quote

Larry Trask´s Guide to Punctuation (highly recommended!)

Do I exist? Use of the first person in academic writing

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On Plagiarism

Colorado writing website

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Hre are English versions of the front page and title page