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   ENS 101 G

How Language Works:  Sound and Word
Eđli tungumálsins I : hljóđ og orđ
Pétur Knútsson, Autumn 2009

Schedule for first 6 weeks

  • Note: quizzez and other material are posted in Moodle.
  • Videos of lectures are posted in Ugla and HERE

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Week 1
1 Sep

Which English?
Sentences, phrases, words, sounds

Slide shows used in this lesson:
Introductory slide: What type of English? British type, American type, and International. L1 and  L2 .
Slide: Slicing language: how thin can we slice?
Slide: Vowels, consonants, and syllable.

Support web pages:
RP or GA?
L1 and L2

Please note that these web pages also provide links to much more detailed material some of which I have not yet dealt with, or belongs to other courses. If you find you are looking at ideas which you don't really (or don't yet) understand, don't panic. I shall be explaining what you need and don't need as the course progresses.
class video, week 1


No exercises will be set for the first week.

Reading in LPD:
  • Key to phonetic symbols

  • Spelling pronunciation

  • Syllables
Week 2
8 Sep

Vowels I. Use of Pronunciation Dictionaries.

Slide shows used in this lesson:
Vowel space
English vowels
British and American vowels

Support web pages:

British and American vowels: summary
class video, week 2
Vowel Space (summary: look at this if you are still unsure about the concept of vowel space)

LPD Self Study Lab:
excercises 2-16 and 23-28
See note here

PRACTICE QUIZZES have now been posted in Moodle!
Reading in LPD:
  • Short vowel, long vowel
  • Diphthongs
  • Clipping
  • Neutralization


Wee 3
15 Sep

Consonants. Voicing.

Slide shows used in this lesson:
(please note that slides 39-41 showing places of articulation have been corrected. In the lecture video, the columns marked "Dentals" and "Alveolars" were in the wrong order, and the position of was wrong.)

Support web pages:
Voicing (fortis & lenis)
Fricatives and affricates
s/z and inflections
Bilabial approximant
w and wh

class video, week 3

LPD Self Study Lab:
excercises 17-22 and 29-36
See note here

PRACTICE QUIZZES have now been posted in Moodle!
Reading in LPD:
  • Articulation

  • Aspiration

  • Plosive releases

  • Voiced and voiceless

  • Clipping

  • Affricates

  • Double consonant letters

  • Double consonant sounds

  • Glottal stop

  • Liquids

  • Syllabic consonants

  • T-voicing

  • Hard attack

Week 4
22 Sep

Phonemes and spelling.
Allophones of /l/
R and R Liaison

Support web pages:
Minimal pairs
The lateral: l
Light l followed by a vowel or [j]
Unvoiced l following p or k
Dark l when no vowel follows
Postalveolar approximant: r
Prevocalic r
Rhotic and non-rhotic accents
Linking r
Unvoiced r following p t or k
Glides: j, w (
and r again)

Rúnar's posting on using LPD on a Mac
Phonemes and allophones

class video, week 4

Continue with LPD Self Study Lab: see index to exercises in LPD

PRACTICE QUIZZES have now been posted in Moodle!
Reading in LPD:
  • Phoneme and allophone

  • Neutralization

  • R-liaison

Week 5
29 Sep

Vowels II.
Vowel length
Weak and strong vowels

Support web pages for sentence stress:
Sentence Stress
Weak & strong vowels again
Placement of sentence stress

R (same slide as last week - contuinued)
More on allophones
Vowel length, fortis and lenis consonants
Stress. Strong and weak vowels
class video, week 5


More quizzes will be posted on the Moodle page this week


Reading in LPD:
  • Stress 

  • Stress shift

  • Clipping

  • Weak vowels 

Week 6
6 Oct

Word stress and sentence stress
        and their effects on vowels
Weak forms of function words.
Which English again?

Sentence stresses
Weak Forms

Support web pages for weak forms of
structural words:
Placement of sentence stress
Weak forms
Look-up table of weak forms
class video, week 6

Make sure you're getting good marks on the moodle quizzes ! Be careful to look up the words in your pronunciation dictionary.

Reading in LPD:

  • Weak forms


Week 7
13 Oct
Reading week
Mid-term test (15%) in Moodle,
13 October 06.00 - 23.00 (Icelandic time).
2 hours, 100 questions

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