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   ENS 101 G

How Language Works:  Sound and Word
Eđli tungumálsins I : hljóđ og orđ
Pétur Knútsson

This course is taught by Jón Símon Markússon and Matthew Whelpton.  Pétur Knútsson, who taught the first six weeks of this course, has now retired. This is the web page Pétur posted and still maintains for these first six weeks - it may be of use as backup material for this part of the course. Questions may be sent to him at peturk[at]

Vidoes of lectures 2010

Course schedule with links to detailed material

Note on exercises in in Wells's LPD; index to exercises
Workbook and CDs (for students who cannot access LPD)
Phonetic symbols (with keywords and plain keyboard symbols for email)
Videos (screen captures) of the lectures will be posted in Ugla. Those posted here are the lectures delivered by Pétur in 2010.
Quizes and practice examinations will be posted in Moodle

Rúnar's posting on using LPD on a Mac 
 ? Will this course help me to improve my spoken English?      

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