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Phonetics II: Prosody
English MA Seminar A
Pétur Knútsson,
Autumn 2011

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Week Date class

31 Aug  (Lesson cancelled.)
Focus of this seminar: oral presentations.

  7 Sep
  • Be ready to present and discuss your BA thesis (informally: not a Power Point show!)
  • Discussion: the focus of your BA studies

14 Sep Assignment 1 prepared and discussed (summarize and present a theoretical article)

21 Sep Teacher abroad
University Library, computer lab (tölvuver) on 3rd floor, 11.40-12.40. Introiduction to advanced search engines.

28 Sep Teacher abroad

  5 Oct Teacher abroad
Assignment 1 due: summarize and quote a theoretical article

12 Oct Make-up class for teacher's absence.  Various points arising from your first assignmnet.
This is the file  with my comments

19 Oct Gudelines for Power Point
The Great Power Point Conspiracy

26 Oct Assignment 2 due: apply theory to relevant work
recoding, 3 sonnets. I've fixed tha audio up to a point, but the Modigliani look is a fixture. However, I know how to avoid it in the next recording!

 2 Nov Final presentation: Grétar, Íris. (I suggest you right-click and "Save Target As" ont o your desktop - this allows you to skip backwards and forwards in the video.)
Grétar: John Gower  Grétar's slides
Íris: Visualising Shakespeare  Íris's slides
Unedited video of the whole session (includes questions and answers)
Screen capture of the whole session (better sound and slides)

9 Nov Final presentation: Ásdís, María Rosaria, Hrafnhildur
Maria Rosaria: Contemporary Irish Theatre Maía Rosaria's slides
María Rosaria's comments on Grétar's and Íris's presentations
Ásdís: The Harlem Renaissance 
Ásdís's slides
Hrafnhildur: Dickens and Gaskell  Hrafnhildur's slides
Screen capture of the whole session (better sound and slides - also note from Pétur on this web site))

16 Nov timetable for Masters' and Doctor's Symposium on Friday
Final presentation: Kolbrún, Sigurlaug, Þorgerður
Kolbrún: Toni Morrison  Kolbrún's slides
Sigurlaug; Beckett and Dick  Sigurlaug's slides
Screen capture of the whole session (better sound and slides)

23 Nov María Rosaria's comments on Ásdís, Hrafnhildur and Sigurlaug
Final presentation: Þorgerður
Þorgerður: Thoreau  Þorgerður's slides
Final discussion

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