Spring  2006
Pétur Knútsson     

05.16.36 Seminar, and  05.16.37  Seminar Project:  (2.5 credits each)
Illiteracy, Orality, Literacy and Textuality



In assessing this course I shall award credit for participation in class discussions, presentation and discussion of individual choice material, and written "notebooks" demonstrating that you have done the required reading. Please note that this assessment means that attendance is necessary for credit.
Here is a suggestion:

Participation in seminar discussions


Performance in own seminar on individual choice text


Written assignment: notebook on Ong 1982


Written assignment: notebook on individual choice text


By "notebook" I mean the sort of file I generate in my computer whenever I read a new book: a file of notes for the future, points to remember, usable quotes, criticisms and dislikes. Some people use a card index. Remember that the main focus of this course is the other half of the course, the Seminar Project. We will spend a bit of time on thinking about how to write an academic essay ....