Spring  2006
Pétur Knútsson     

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Illiteracy, Orality, Literacy and Textuality


Ong, Walter J. Orality and Literacy: The Technologization of the Word. Methuen 1982.
This book comprises about  1/4 of the reading load in the course. Other texts will be either required reading for the whole class and individual choice reading.

Texts marked UU are available in Ugla > Ólæsi, læsi, texti > Reading

Various directions

Lévy-Strauss: 'A Writing Lesson,' chap. 28 of Tristes Tropiques UU
Havelock, Ortigins of Western Literacy UU
Barfield, Saving the Appearances UU

The Whorfian hypothesis: Fishman 1980 UU

Plato:     Phaedrus http://classics.mit.edu/Plato/phaedrus.html
            Republic http://classics.mit.edu/Plato/republic.htm and UU

Francis Magoun, The Oral-Formulaic Character or Anglo-Saxon Poetry UU
Larry Benson, The Literary Character of Anglo-Saxon Fornulaic Poetry UU
Saxo: Ericus at the court of Frotho (Gesta V.II.10) UU
The First Grammarian UU
Roman Jakobson
: Six Lectures on Sound and Meaning UU

Alfred: Preface to Pastoral Care:
The text in situ - Robinson, Editing OE texts

Sappho & Alceus, Wulf & Eadwacer

Charles Lock on Silent reading, double voicing UU
Augustine on Silent reading UU

Barthes, Death of the Author
Barthes on the scriptorium (Cr. et Vérité 76), Bonaventura
Deleuze and Guattari: Rhizome
Ricoeur, What is a text? (1981:145-164) UU
Armentarius, Where is the text? (2004) UU
Benjamin, Barfield, Rosenzweig, Illich,  Holquist-Bakhtin

Bruce Chatwin, Songlines. 1987; 1978 Penguin.
Knútsson, Landslag og texti
Donald McKenzie (Panizzi) UU

Bayeux Tapestry