Pétur Knútsson

I am now retired, so I don't teach on a regular basis.

Spring Term 2017

Old English poetic language (with Þorhallur Eyþórsson)

Spring Term 2016

Language and Culture II (3 weeks)

United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training (UNU-GEST)

Autumn Term 2015

British Literature II (first 4 weeks)

Language and Culture 1

Spring Term 2015

Language and Culture II (3 weeks)

Autumn Term 2014

North America

Language and Culture 1

Autumn Term 2013

Old English

Spring Term 2013

This term I am taking 3 weeks in the DET802F  Language and Culture II course.
The materials and videos are all in Ugla

  1. Centres and Peripheries: within Europe. 31 Jan.The medieval European concept of "language“ and the development of standardized languages. Readings: Dante, De vulgari eloquentia (selections); PK, 'Beowulf and the Icelandic Conquest of England'  

  2. Centres and Peripheries; outside Eurrope. 7 Feb. Eurocentric Europe and the World: is this really the “triumphal march of reason” Readings, Heidegger, A Dialogue on Languiage; selections from Josephine Pasternak, Indefinability.

  3. Centres and Peripheries: re-centring the periphery. 14 Feb. Backwards or forwards? Vertical or horizontal?  Readings: Deleuze and Guattari, 'Rhizome'; selections from PK 'Pýþagoras, rísómið og rúnirnar'.

Autumn Term 2012

I taught 3 lessons of DET701F Language and Culture I

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