Siguršur Reynir Gķslason


I am a research professor at the University of Iceland's Institute of Earth Sciences, where I and my PhD students study water/rock, water/gas and water/biomass interactions by field and laboratory experiments.  Currently I am the Vice President of the European Association of Geochemistry. I am the chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of CarbFix, an international initiative to store carbon in basaltic rocks. I was named International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC) Fellow for 2016, - bestowed to a scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of geochemistry. I received the Clair C. Patterson Award of the Geochemical Society in 2018 for the work on carbon capture and storage and on volcanic hazards. In 2018 I became a fellow of the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry.

Professional Accomplishments

My main scientific contributions are 1) measuring the chemical and physical erosion rates of basaltic terrains and their role in the global carbon cycle, 2) quantifying the carbon storage potential of basaltic rocks, 3) measurement of the dissolution rates and dissolution mechanisms of volcanic glasses and minerals as a function of glass composition, aqueous solution composition and temperature and 4) assessing the environmental pressure from volcanic eruptions.

I have published over 100 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and a book in Icelandic on the global carbon cycle.  These articles had been cited over 7000 times in 2017 according to Google Scholar.

8 key publications

  • Matter JM, M Stute, SÓ Snæbjörnsdóttir, EH Oelkers, SR Gislason, E Aradottir, B. Sigfusson, I Gunnarsson, H. Sigurdardottir, E. Gunnlaugsson, G Axelsson, HA Alfredsson, D Wolff-Boenisch, K Mesfin, DFR Taya, J Hall, K Dideriksen, WS Broecker (2016). Rapid carbon mineralization for permanent and safe disposal of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. Science 352 (6291), 1312-1314.

  • Gíslason S.R., G. Stefánsdóttir, M.A. Pfeffer, S. Barsotti, Th. Jóhannsson, I. Galeczka, E. Bali, O. Sigmarsson, A. Stefánsson, N.S. Keller, Á. Sigurdsson, B. Bergsson, B. Galle, V.C. Jacobo, S. Arellano, A. Aiupp, E.B. Jónasdóttir, E.S. Eiríksdóttir, S. Jakobsson, G.H. Guðfinnsson, S.A. Halldórsson, H. Gunnarsson, B. Haddadi, I. Jónsdóttir, Th. Thordarson, M. Riishuus, Th. Högnadóttir, T. Dürig, G.B.M. Pedersen, Á. Höskuldsson, M.T. Gudmundsson (2015).Environmental pressure from the 2014–15 eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland. Geochemical Perspectives Letters (2015) 1, 84-93.

  • Gislason SR and Oelkers EH (2014).  Carbon Storage in Basalt. Science 344, 373-374.
  • Gislason, S.R.,T. Hassenkam, S. Nedel, N. Bovet, E. S. Eiriksdottir, H. A. Alfredsson, C. P. Hem, Z. I. Balogh, K. Dideriksen, N. Oskarsson, B. Sigfusson, G. Larsen, and S. L. S. Stipp (2011).  Characterization of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash particles and a protocol for rapid risk assessment. PNAS 108, 7307-7312.

  • Gislason, Wolff-Boenisch, Stefansson, Oelkers, Gunnlaugsson , Sigurdardottir , Sigfusson , Broecker, Matter, Stute, Axelsson, Fridriksson (2010).  Mineral sequestration of carbon dioxide in basalt: A pre-injection overview of the CarbFix project.  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 4, 537–545.

  • Gislason S.R., Oelkers E.H., Eiriksdottir E.S., Kardjilov M.I., Gisladottir G., Sigfusson B., Snorrason A., Elefsen S.O., Hardardottir J., Torssander P.,  Oskarsson N. (2009). Direct evidence of the feedback between climate and weathering. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 277, 213–222.

  • Gislason, S. R. and Oelkers, H. E. (2003). Mechanism, rates and consequences of basaltic glass dissolution: II. An experimental study of the dissolution rates of basaltic glass as a function of pH and temperature. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 67, 3817-3832.

  • Gislason, S. R., Arnórsson, S., and Ármannsson, H. (1996). Chemical weathering of basalt in SW Iceland: Effects of runoff, age of rocks and vegetative/glacial cover. American Journal of Science, 296, pp. 837-907.

Current Grants

  • FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN- 317235- CO2-REACT- Geologic Carbon Storage
  • 675219 – METAL-AID – ITN-2015
  • 764760 - CarbFix2- H2020-LCE-2017-RES-CCS-RIA
  • 764810 — S4CE – Science for Clean Energy - RIA

PhD Student Graduating Last Five Years

  • Rebecca Anna Neely, PhD 2017
  • Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir, PhD 2017
  • Eydís Salome Eiríksdóttir, PhD 2016
  • Helgi A. Alfreðsson, PhD 2015
  • Jonas Olsson, PhD, 2014
  • Snorri Guðbrandsson, PhD 2013
  • Iwona M. Galeczka, PhD 2013

Icelandic, born 9th of October 1957

Employment History

October 1985 to present

Research Scientist and later Research Professor

University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland


May 1980  Geology


University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland

September 1985 Geochemistry


The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Nordic and International collaboration







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