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A Little Grebe in Iceland

The year 2004 has been an excellent birding year in Iceland, bringing an unusually high number of new species to Iceland. It all started in March with a near-adult Thayer's Gull, followed by a Red-breasted Goose in late April and a Varied Thrush and Semipalmated Plover in early May. Then came a late report of a Water Pipit in early July, and now this long-awaited species... Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis ! It was discovered on 17th September 2004, by local birder Björn Arnarson, at the small pond Baulutjörn, Mżrar (SE-Iceland). The following morning brought eight twitchers to the place (including two French ones !), that soon changed into dippers... But in change they found another first for Iceland that day, the Paddyfield Warbler !!

The Little Grebe was seen again, at the same pond, on 22th September where it has been present (and now twitchable) until at least 4th October. Photographs below were taken by another local birder, Brynjślfur Brynjólfsson.

- YK 08/10/2004

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Baulutjörn, Mżrar (SE)
28 September 2004

Baulutjörn, Mżrar (SE)
23 September 2004

With a Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus